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ListenNHH! is a campaign group formed of Notting Hill Genesis residents.

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Posted Sat 29 Sep '18Housing Crisis

Has Notting Hill Genesis regressed?

Has Notting Hill Housing regressed? For those in which Notting Hill Housing first set out to help; the poor and vulnerable it seems that way. ... More
Posted Mon 27 Aug '18Residents

ListenNHH and Genesis Residents unite

Recent meetings of the Joint Committee of Notting Hill and Genesis Residents have been looking at the possibility of creating a new joint residents organisation. ... More
Posted Sat 28 Apr '18Residents

'The Resident Promise' and Resident Involvement meetings

What should residents be asking for?
No increases of rent, service charges, or any other charges without resident agreement.
Repairs, cyclical maintenance, regeneration projects should be overseen by Local Resident Boards with resident majorities.
Let's have transparency and democracy! ... More
Posted Thu 22 Mar '18Housing Crisis

Protest the auctioning-off of our social housing

Arch agents of social cleansing and government advisors Savills are auctioning-off desperately needed social housing. With record homelessness, over 300,000 Londoners languishing on housing waiting lists and many more condemned to over-priced, under-regulated private renting, the city needs every genuinely affordable rented home it has. ... More
Posted Fri 02 Mar '18NHHG

Residents consultation by ListenNHH! and Genesis Residents

The management of Genesis Housing Association and Notting Hill Housing refused to hold an independent ballot proposed by residents campaigners. 22 Board members and 156 Shareholders took the decision on the merger. That means the 170,000 residents had no vote. ... More
Posted Sun 14 Jan '18

Guardian Article: Housing association merger will lead to social cleansing, warn tenants

Brilliant article in the Guardian about the merger ... More
Posted Sun 07 Jan '18Demos

Shareholder Vote on Merger Protest

This is the most important protest to date. It's finally here, the shareholders vote on the merger. Please show support for shareholders voting against the merger on Tues 16th Jan '18 from 17:00 to 19:00 ... More
Posted Tue 19 Dec '17Housing Crisis

The Big Lack of Debate in Housing

The ‘Big Housing Debate’ wasn’t really a debate, because no one really had the gall to disagree with the general sentiments ... ... More
Posted Tue 12 Dec '17Cooperatives

The threat to Co-op's

The merger poses a very real threat to Housing Co-op's, our committee member Shelley explains why ... More
Posted Tue 12 Dec '17Latest News

Radical Housing Network Newsletter

Newsletter featuring articles written about the merger between Notting Hill Housing Group and the threat to Frestonia ... More