Notting Hill Housing Genesis Merger Rachman


Real Representation for Notting Hill Genesis Tenants and Residents

Vote on Merger Put Off

The vote on the merger has been put off, we hear due to insufficiant background information.

We gathered outside Notting Hill Housing offices in Kings Cross to make our concerns heard loud and clear, creatively through songs of justice, drumming and via the loud speaker.

This is as much about the re-building and strengthening of our communities as it is about getting those currenly in power to listen.

We asked if representatives of our campaign could attend the AGM, but were refused entry to the AGM on the basis that:

  • We had not pre booked
  • The meeting had already started
  • It would go on late and we would probable rather go home.

We will follow up on what premis this was said, and ask for minutes of the meeting.