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Shareholder Vote on Merger Protest
Posted Sun 07 Jan '18Demos

Shareholder Vote on Merger Protest

This is the most important protest to date. It's finally here, the shareholders vote on the merger. 

Notting Hill Housing need two thirds of their shareholders to vote for the merger for it to go through. We already know of many shareholders who are against the merger. 

The point of the protest is to support those shareholders against the merger and show those shareholders not yet decided that the residents do not want the merger to go through, to provide clear and reasoned arguments against the merger.

This will be a peaceful protest. Many consider that their homes and communities are under threat, however, in no way do listenNHH endorse aggression toward those who support the merger.

When: Tues 16th Jan '18 from 17:00 to 19:00

Where: Notting Hill Housing

1 Sussex Place 
W6 9EA

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