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NHHG refuse to let ListenNHH sit on panel
Posted Sun 22 Oct '17Letters

NHHG refuse to let ListenNHH sit on panel

Dear Kate Davies,

Thank you for your letter dated 19 Oct 2017. While we welcome the appointment of an independent chair in point of fact such an appointment can not assure a full and accurate representation of the views of residents if residents who are known to have opposing views are not allowed to attend the meeting. Moreover if the whole panel is made of those who support the merger then any question or issue raised by residents will be responded to from the point of view of a person supportive of the merger. It is not hard to see the role that informed people of both supporting and opposing views are necessary if the discussion is to achieve a semblance of fairness and objectivity. This process is nakedly a public relations exercise in which staff from your organisation who stand to benefit personally from this merger put their unopposed arguments to residents who have been selected to attend.

In relation to the notion of whether this is a done deal or not, it is clear that your organisation's business plan and agenda is based on the assumption that the merger will take place. Perhaps the proper audience for these events should be the shareholders who will make this decision tucked away from the residents whose future they decide on. Please desist from calling these events 'consultations' when the concerns of residents will have no material affect on the decision making process, you allow no mechanism by which the assertions of your organisation can be properly challenged, and everyone involved professionally specifically has been engaged to do the work of selling your proposed merger.

We look forward to your reply.

Listennhh & Genesis Residents