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Real Representation for Notting Hill Genesis Tenants and Residents

NHH Residents Meetings
Posted Thu 24 Aug '17Meetings

NHH Residents Meetings

Worried about the proposed merger between Genesis & Notting Hill Housing Group? Do you want to regain some control over how NHHG makes decisions and manages our homes?

For several years our voices have diminished as the organisation grows. Many of us are concerned the proposed merger will make this worse. New more expensive tenures are introduced and social tenancies lose their permanent status. Now Housing Associations have been deregulated, residents have even fewer ways to scrutinise or be involved in decision making.

Here is Notting Hill Housing Trust's original remit:

The trust raised funds from the public to buy dilapidated properties at auction. By renovating these houses to provide decent affordable rented housing it meant some poor residents were not pushed out of the area.

ListenNHH has been set up to ask what 21st Century NHHG residents want and to ensure we are heard and genuinely influential. Join Us.

Together we can get a stronger voice to ensure this social purpose is retained and our communities are not decimated as people are priced out of London.