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Real Representation for Notting Hill Genesis Tenants and Residents

ListenNHH Genesis Residents Meeting
Posted Mon 09 Oct '17Meetings

ListenNHH Genesis Residents Meeting

Sat 28th Oct, 1-3pm St Mary’s Church St Mary's Sq, Paddington Green W2 1LG

A place for residents to come to find out the truth about what this merger really means. You may be in a co-op, shared ownership, leasholder, secure or assured tenant-All are welcome this meger affects eveyone. Do you want to find out more about the merger and what this means for you?

Are you a Notting Hill Housing or Genesis Resident? IMPORTANT:This will affect you-Please read!

Notting Hill Housing has been fast tracking as a property developer with less and less focus on its original mission, which was to provide 100% housing for local people on low incomes.

The situation we find ourselves in now is one of growing insecurity for residents. Rents will soar in 2020 after a four-year rent cap is lifted.

Genesis residents have already had huge rent hikes, One ‘secure’ tenant’s rent was increased by 177%. The way that Genesis behaves is likely to be be mirrored if NHH merges with Genesis.

Even shared ownership residents are not protected. One small housing estate of Genesis leaseholders has just had an 800% hike in cyclical works fees. They will lose their homes if they don’t pay. It’s like being held for ransom.

NHH no longer issue secure tenancies. Instead they offer ‘Starter’ 6 month tenancies. This means at after 6 months they can be asked to leave – or made to pay more.

This is of grave concern to us. This is about the future for our children, grandchildren and further generations.

NHH proffer this merger as something that will be positive for all residents, but bigger does not mean better. They state in their merger presentation that they want to be larger to have an impact on government. We know this is Unspeak. It is simply not true. We know this is not to fight for social or genuinely affordable housing. This is to kill it off.

We can see evidence of this in NHH’s plans for 2018: the building programme is only 9.9% social housing. A third - 31.4% - is for private sale. The rest are 34% ‘shared ownership’ properties. These 2-3 bedroom flats are priced between £750,000 and £1.2m – hardly ‘affordable’ for any current residents.

Genesis & Notting Hill Housing combined would be a catastrophe for social housing in London. Both are more interested in property development than providing genuinely affordable housing to those who need it; a far cry from their financial statement report 16-17 which has as it’s core purpose “we provide housing to those who could otherwise not afford it.”