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NHHG and Genesis 'consultation' Meeting 23 Oct
Posted Sat 28 Oct '17Meetings

NHHG and Genesis 'consultation' Meeting 23 Oct

The hostile feelings shown towards Kate Davies, CEO of Notting Hill Housing reveal just how much the relationship between tenants and management has changed for the worst in Notting Hill.

The meeting started with the refusal of entry to families and elders who had not registered, and it was not until ListenNHH campaigners made strong objections of the ticketing process to Annemarie Fenion, group director of housing, that it was decided to let those who were still in the building in to the mostly empty Tabernacle theater where the meeting was to be held.

It did not help tensions that the hard work done by our campaign to investigate the Merger was disregarded - we were not given the opportunity to provide an objective perspective, as reported here NHHG refuse to let ListenNHH sit on panel.

Kate Davies came to dictate to residents the future of our homes, of whom some have been in since the very first houses were bought by the then Trust. She came without a concern that the merger had been quietly announced just 3 weeks after Grenfell disaster to a community in trauma, unable to conceive we may have been horrified to hear of the intention to Merge with a housing provider who's CEO says low income families 'won't by my concern'.

We want collective decision making and co-design of new developments, not a Top-down system ruled by corporate values.

You can view a video by one of our campaigners of the meeting on our videos page here