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Is NHH colluding with luxury property developer?
Posted Sat 11 Nov '17NHHG

Is NHH colluding with luxury property developer?

A revision of the Newcombe House Skyscraper planning application was submitted to RBKC council on 13 Sept 2017 after the previous application was rejected because:

“the redevelopment would result in the loss of social housing and fail to deliver any affordable housing on site,”


“could not be justified on the grounds of viability.”

One of the buildings to be demolished on the site contains 20 bedsits owned by Notting Hill Housing, which will now be replaced with three 1-bed flats, three 2-bed flats and three 3-bed flats intended for 'affordable' housing.

When a housing developer gets planning permission they are required by the council to make a number of homes 'affordable', but in this case the 'affordable' homes are replacing the bedsits with only a small reported increase in floor space, there will therefore be no increase in 'affordable' homes, nothing near the 35% set by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

We take it for granted that the developer would prefer not to build any 'afordable' homes at all - BUT we would certainly expect a social housing provider to object to the insignificant increase, so why do we hear that Notting Hill Housing Group support the scheme?

It has also been reported by the Kensington Society that:

"Notting Hill Housing Trust will also benefit from a substantial cash injection"

So is NHH colluding with a luxury property developer to sidestep the law?

RBKC council planning aplication documents.