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Real Representation for Notting Hill Genesis Tenants and Residents

'The Resident Promise' and Resident Involvement meetings
Posted Sat 28 Apr '18Residents

'The Resident Promise' and Resident Involvement meetings

The Main 'asks'

No increases of rent, service charges, or any other charges without resident agreement.

Repairs, cyclical maintenance, regeneration projects should be overseen by Local Resident Boards with resident majorities. Let's have transparency and democracy!

No sales or ‘conversions’ to higher out-of- reach rents of existing social housing. We support social housing to beat the housing crisis!

A completely independent complaints procedure. The present system has failed.

Democratic elections of all residents representatives on the Board and all other committees of Notting Hill Genesis (NHG). No more 'appointed' residents!

Localism and Democracy

The Board should have at least 50% resident representation, elected by residents.

The creation of directly elected Local Resident Boards with resident majority to oversee all operations in the local area.

No mergers, regeneration or any other project without ballots of all affected residents.em

Residents should form at least 50% of directly- elected independent shareholding.

Complete transparency and open research. Board minutes should be disclosed as well as research and information on issues which affect residents.

NHH and Genesis have lost at least 500 more social homes than they built over the last five years - because of sales and conversions*

Defend the principle of social housing

The reconversion of ‘converted’ social housing back to social rent levels. Many thousanemds of homes are now rented at out- of- reach ‘affordable rent.’

A commitment to have at least 50% social rent homes in all new construction. Genesis and NHH have only promised a meagre 6% to 10% social homes in their ‘development pipeline.’

No increases in current debt levels for out-of-reach homes without resident agreement. Ratings agencies say NHG intend to increase the £2.8 billion debt to around £4 billion by 2020 to pay for constructing largely out-of-reach homes. Residents - who have no democratic say in the level of debt - will pay for this very poor policy which will not solve the housing crisis.

*Both HAs have 'converted' thousands of social rent homes (about 40% of market rent) to higher 'affordable' rent (at up to 80% market rent) homes in the last 8 years.